What do you do when you can't wash the stink out of your clothes?

We have all had the frustrating experience of our favorite workout outfit that always seems to smell no matter how many times it is washed. 

Guess what?  The same properties that make certain fabrics good for activewear actually make it harder for them to get clean!

This means they require special care.  Just tossing your workout clothes into the washer can lead to the fabric becoming rough and uncomfortable  It can also destroy their ability to wick moisture and hold their shape.

The good news is you can preserve the awesomeness of your favorite gear by following our simple tips!

  1. Allow your gym clothes to air dry rather than throwing them directly into the laundry hamper.  Wet, sweaty clothes are a breeding ground for smelly bacteria so if you aren’t planning to wash them immediately, you can cut down on smell by allowing them to air dry before putting them in the hamper.   

  2. Turn clothing inside out before washing.  Most of the build up of sweat is on the inside of the clothes.  Plus, turning clothes inside out will protect the surfaces from becoming rough and pilly.  

  3. Only wash clothes in cold water and use a detergent meant for cold water.  Hot water will damage technical fabrics and can even trap smells rather than remove them.  

  4. Never use fabric softeners.  Fabric softeners will coat the fabric, restricting its wicking ability and trapping odor.  They also damage the fabric’s ability to stretch and retain its shape.

  5. Air dry and do not iron your gym clothes.  Hot temperatures can damage and melt technical fabrics, while tumble drying can roughen the fabric.

    Still stinky?

    Here are a few more tricks

    1. Presoak your clothes in white vinegar before washing.  Use one part vinegar to four parts water and soak for 30 min.  Or try adding a half cup of vinegar into the washing machine.

    2. You can also presoak in baking soda.  Soak for 30 min with 6 Tbsp of baking soda.

    3. Make sure not to use too much detergent.  If there is too much detergent it will not wash out of the fabric completely, which can encourage more bacteria and smells.

    4. Make sure not to overfill the washing machine.  If it is too full the clothes will not be washed thoroughly.

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