The CALI Leggings' Guide to Activewear Fabric

Have you ever found yourself soaked and shivering after a run?  

Or bought a new pair of leggings you were so excited to wear, only to be disappointed when they stretched so much they became transparent?

The wrong workout clothes do not need to be another excuse not to exercise!  

Wearing the right clothing can make the difference between a positive, productive workout and going home early, or even getting injured.  Plus, investing in the right gear is great motivation by making you feel and look great while you work out. One of the most important factors in the performance of activewear is the fabric type.

So which fabric should you choose when shopping for activewear?

The first thing to consider is what type of activities you will be doing.  Will you be sweating a lot? Stretching and bending in all different directions?  Every fabric has unique properties that make them more suited to different types of workouts, and different fibers are often blended together in order to incorporate the best qualities from each.  I’ve divided the fabrics into two groups, synthetic and natural.

Synthetic Fabrics

In general, synthetic fabrics possess good moisture wicking and nonabsorbent qualities.   They also have the greatest potential for stretch and their colour will not run or bleed when washed.   Plus, they are unlikely to shrink or wrinkle.  On the downside, they can retain odor more easily than other natural fibers, but as long as they are washed properly this isn’t a problem!  

Natural Fabrics

Each natural fabric has its own unique properties.  Wool and bamboo have good moisture wicking qualities, while cotton does not and is super absorbent.  The standout quality they all share is that they do not retain odor as easily as synthetic fabrics. They also can be more susceptible to shrinking and color bleeding when washed than synthetic fabrics so it is important to take care when washing.  

To learn more about each fabric type and which fabrics are best suited for which workouts, download your free copy of our handy guide to activewear fabric here!

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