Meet Our Personal Trainer in Residence Francis Poku!

Francis is a  Personal Trainer with additional certifications in Kettlebell, TRX, Supple Strength, Cycling, PadBox, Sports Massage, and Pre and Post Natal Exercise.  As our personal trainer in residence, he will be sharing his knowledge and and best fitness tips every other week.  You can also ask Francis a question in the comments section below.  We've sat down with Francis to learn more!

When did you first become interested in fitness?

My interest in fitness started at a young age.  I was always active as a child and could not sit still.  As a teenager and young adult, I competed at the very top of my chosen sport, track and field, always striving to be the best and pushing myself beyond my limits.  

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

After hanging up my running spikes, I wanted to give something back to society.  I wanted to help others understand the benefit of staying healthy through physical activity and simplify their ideas of fitness. I decided to become a sport scientist, which enabled me to understand how the human body operates through different variation of exercises.  As a personal trainer, I can now share all of my experience, understanding, and knowledge with others.  

What does being a good personal trainer mean to you?

A good personal trainer must be supportive, intuitive, and enthusiastic. Preparation and adaptability are key.  A good trainer must have the ability to change the plan to suit the client's needs on the spot.  It is also very important to be able to motivate the client and pick them up when they are down.

What is your favorite workout technique?

My favorite workout has to be Kettlebells mixed with TRX and body weight movement.  I'll discuss this further in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

What are your areas of specialty?

Functional Training , Core Stabilization, Box Fit/MMA Fitness, Advanced Kettlebell, Plyometrics, and  Sport Massage

What are your goals?

I am working to expand my clients to include professional athletes (but continue to train everyone else as well!)  I would also love to have my own facility.  My ultimate goal is the ability to reach and help people of all levels no matter what their background!

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