Behind the scenes at CALI Leggings

Have you ever wondered how designs are printed onto your clothes?

At CALI Leggings, we create all of our printed items on demand, which means your order is printed especially for you after you place it.  

How do we print designs onto our garments?

We use two different printing methods depending on the fabric and the design, DTG and Sublimation.  

What is DTG Printing?

In DTG or Direct To Garment printing, a digital printer applies the ink directly to the garment, just like an inkjet prints on paper.  The inks are then absorbed into the garment. One of the great benefits of DTG printing is that only as much ink as needed is used so there is no waste.  Plus, the inks are water based, making the overall process environmentally friendly. At CALI Leggings we use DTG printing for all of our cotton and cotton blend tees, tanks, and pullovers.  

What is Sublimation Printing?

In Sublimation Printing, a design is printed digitally with heat activated inks onto transfer paper and then transferred  to the fabric. The paper and fabric are put in a heat press and heated until the ink bonds with the fabric, making the print long lasting and durable.  Like DTG printing, the process is overall environmentally friendly. There is very little waste because only as much ink as needed is used and the inks are water based.  At CALI Leggings we use Sublimation Printing for all of our all over printed leggings, tops, and accessories. 

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